Information about the company

The story of Car Collection

The company has been founded by Austrian born Franz Wittner in 1995, based on the heritage car collection of his father. He formed during the years a very solid and well-known classic car retailer company in Steyr, Upper Austria, under the name Car Collection Wittner.

In 2019 the Austrian investment company „West Consulting “, owned by Rudolf Weiermayer, took over 30%of the shares and supported the further development of the company. After two second waves of raising the financial engagement and following the intentions of the founder, West Consulting became 100% share-holder early 2021.

As the clear strategy is to further expand the existing business model of sports and classic car retail, Rudolf Weiermayer started the negotiations with Hödlmayr Classic Car Center in Schwertberg, Austria early 2021. Both companies had the same vision: to form a leading center of excellence for new and pre-owned Sport Cars, Classic & Vintage vehicles, Services, Body Work & Paint, Restoration, Repair and Storage.

In July 2021, Car Collection GmbH merged with Hödlmayr Classic Car Center and took over the operative business activities.